Monday, November 4, 2013

The "Game" of Life

 "The Game of Life"...  My children are now playing this game that I loved to play as a child and looking at the box and playing the game, made me metaphorically contemplate "The Game of Life".  What particularly struck me was the Safe Route and Risky Route Road Signs pictured on the box.  Through our own personal "games" how many times have we been at these crossroads? They say that only true growth occurs when we take a detour from the safe route and take risks.  This being said and understood though is completely different than the actual DOING!  Although, every time I am willing and able to push through the fear and discomfort that some thing better is on the other side, even if it is just a lesson.  My father always has said to me, "The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward!" and I have found this to be absolutely true.  On a funny note, Lila, my daughter after playing said, " I had 8 children, no job and only 100 dollars a week."   Lucky for her, she is still in the "playing" phase of  "the game".

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  1. And the risks have rewards - Yay for that!
    Thanks Gina - keep posting!