Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Children's Rooms

This is Edie my 10 year old.  This is her bedroom.  I have been wanting to do a post on her room for a while, but it was very challenging to capture the room when it is actually neat.  Organization is not as much a priority for her as is changing outfits, so most of the time clothes are everywhere!  Did I mention she  is only 10?  The other day, when I asked her to clean her room, she packed a whole suitcase of rolled up clothes and put it in her closet, only for me to discover it weeks later!  When I confronted her about it, she said, "You told me to put my clothes away!"  Seriously, I must admit, I laughed a little, because that would be another form of her creative mind.  She never does things conventionally.

OK - so as far as decor for children's bedrooms, I have found that many people feel really comfortable decorating children's rooms as opposed to other rooms in their house because they don't feel like they have to "follow the rules" as much as they think they do in the "adult" rooms in the house.  People allow themselves to be more "playful" when doing a child's room because they don't feel it is as much a reflection on them as in other rooms.  Although the subject matter of a child's room naturally allows us to have fun with our decorating, I do think the same rules can apply to other rooms of our houses.  The key to decorating any room is staying relaxed and open to color and unexpected accessories. 

I really feel strongly that is important to involve your child in the decorating of their bedrooms as soon as they are able to express their opinions.  You do not have to take all suggestions and certainly can edit, but still honor color choices or subject matter.  I try to capture the child's personality and their talents and highlight THEM in the space.  I am a big believer in establishing a healthy self esteem for children and if their room is a celebration of them, they will feel really good about themselves and feel they have ownership in a room in your home.  Just like they change, their decor should change with them.  Due to my personal nature and theirs, we like to change a lot!  I kept the large pieces safe and for us personally, the walls neutral.  

The furniture and the polka dot bedding are all from IKEA.  Their prices are affordable and I LOVE the designs.  IKEA also seems to blend really well with vintage because they are so different in nature.  The pricing on the duvet covers has allowed us to change often without a huge investment.  If you are looking for an IKEA in the Cleveland, OH area, the closest is Pittsburgh.  It is worth the trip.

The knitted Kitty doll was .50 cents!

Edie's artwork.  Always changing, but these are our favorites.  Have your children decorate their rooms with their own creations!

This wooden gnome doll is seriously one of my favorites! 

White pillows on the beds are made from t-shirts.

The cutout art is from a children's coloring book we love.  Get creative with what goes on the walls.

Check out the bowling pin someone painted a penguin. So funny!

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