Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Camera Obsession...

I am just so impressed with the latest creative endeavor of my little shutter bug, Lila that I had to share.  She has always been obsessed with cameras and any and all aspects of filming but the latest has taken her to a  whole new level. She recently asked me to take her to buy green poster board and duct tape so she could make her own green screen and two hours later, completely on her own constructed a green wall in her bedroom that along with an app she bought on her i-pad transported her, her sister and her friends to various scenes and places that made them look like they were really there.   They made music videos, and a morning talk show complete with a weather girl in front of a map and my favorite, a reporter covering a story about "Edie" the giant walking through a park with people scattering away.  

Lila has always had an interest in being behind the camera (and in front - I should say too) and sets up a studio in her room frequently.  The sign on her bedroom door says, "L Studios" (filming in progress).  I just love it!  The photos below are just a few examples of her work and editing too. She has also used a white sheet covering a book case complete with good lighting which she uses to photograph her sister (her biggest muse) and friends.  I decided to do this post today because on my phone - which she also uses to take photos, I found this picture of a camera cake that Edie informed me is Lila's "dream" cake.  Imagine that?  


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