Friday, August 9, 2013


OH MY GOSH...  Hello friends!  I am cracking up because it has been forever since I have even fired up this blog.  I seriously forgot my sign in password it has been sooooooo long!!!
WELCOME to a new post! This summer really has been a much needed breather and I am feeling refreshed and happy to be back in the boat (pun intended! :)  This post is inspired by a boating trip we took a few weeks ago!  Brian has always wanted a boat and a lake house and I have always wanted to lounge and play on the boat and DECORATE a lake house.  This lead us to Chautauqua, NY a wonderful place where time really does feel like it stands still.  The quaint little village where this cottage is is called Lakewood and I was in love! The only "problem" with this lake home is that while it was in walking distance to the lake, it was not ON the lake. That means Brian = NO!  Boy did we girls try to do some convincing but it is not happening.  HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS HOUSE?  An artist resided here so it was perfect for me and I just adore everything about it.  The gardens were amazing too and I was dying at the picket fence.  The little nook bed was so dreamy too!  For now, the dream continues until I can marry the perfect house ON the lake!!    

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