Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't give a hoot!

So owls are EVERYWHERE!  What end  do we sit on this "trend" that has taken over?  Word on the street (or according to Disney Channel) is that owls are out!  My daughters gasped when this was said on a show they watch and turned to me and asked "Is this true?"  I AM THE AUTHORITY ON OWLS, OF COURSE, so my response was critical!  What's a girl to do that has an owl in every room of her house? YES - my home is like the tiny mouse that you have to find on each page of the book "Goodnight Moon", except naturally with owls.  You must locate the owls big and small when you come over!

I have always had an infinity for owls. Bird images in general, actually because I am an air sign... :), Surprise. Surprise.  They also remind me of my childhood, especially the macrame owl my mother made and now I particularly like what they represent, WISDOM!  Although birds and now owls are becoming a bit passe, I think it is important to stay true to what you like, not just because it is a passing thing.

So what was my answer as to whether they out? In true Homegirl fashion, I said, ""Not to me!" "I loved then when they were not "in" and I will love them when they are "out!" That being said, I do think that some trends do tend to run their course and that we all know when it is time to let go.   BUT that is the beauty of having a home that evolves and changes as YOUR moods and circumstances evolve and change.  DO WHAT YOU LOVE and your home will OWLWAYS be YOU!

An upcycled leather owl clutch I carry!

Love this vase!

My owl lamp in my living room - one of my faves!

Edie's arwork!

Pillow made by a friend out of upcycled sweaters!

Upcycled owl artwork made last weekend!

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