Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thinking Spring...

In needing some hope that SPRING really is on its way, I searched through old photos of spring sales I have had and came across these images I wanted to share!

Last year we revamped these old weathered Adirondack chairs by brushing them down with left over colorful paints we had.  A trick I like to do is water down the paint but adding just a little water so it looks weathered and not too new.  It did add new life to these chairs and they look so cheerful and inviting for sitting in the sun.  

These green urns were spray painted with my favorite color of spray paint out there.  You can get it at Lowes and it is such a fun green color.  I believe it is Valspar and it really is like the color on the lid.  For Spring I add Orange pansies and put them on either side of my front door on my front porch.  This urn in the picture is the Summer version and is planted so cool.  I really like to mix up my planters and not get too hung up on the "design elements".  My favorite containers are those that boldly mix plants and are spilling over with growth!

You have to look very closely at the paper covered bird houses that are hanging in the fruit crates on the wall in the last photo but they are worth the look. My friend Jean made them, who sells at the barn.  By using scrap book papers and Modge Podge she collaged them adding so much personality.  We placed hangers on the backs of them so they could be mounted on a wall and they look so cute as a seasonal display or anytime display in your house.  You could put them in a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or on a mantle.  Really anywhere.  They are also a great project to get your kids involved in.

So as I sit in my sunlamp writing this post, wishing and hoping, I am trying to inspire ALL of  US to THINK SPRING!!! :)