Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amp Interiors!

TURN UP YOUR SPACE!  I am so excited to introduce Amp Interiors!  Interior design services offered by my friend Candice Krim. Candice has a great sense of style and personality and will really be able to guide you in making your space reflect YOU and your family's personality!  She also uses items from my barn sometimes to help people in their homes.

Candice has a menu of services to choose from to inspire YOU in your space.
Initial Consultation: $50 1 hour
* gauge of clients style
* first impression of space
* necessity for room furniture re-arrangement? new art? color change? or full re-decorating?
* style quiz
* budget
* time expectations

Mood Board Creation: $90 for board
* A mood board is a visual presentation of the ideas discussed at consult (if a client proceeds at consult).  Serves only as inspiration of paint, fabric,style of furniture and art.  No specific items are shopped at this point.

Professional Shopping: $40 per hour (8-12 per project) or 25% of rooms $2,500 and up.
* shopping of furniture and accessories
* suggestions for projects/pieces bought to update either by Candice or by you.
* painting of existing pieces
* shopping for all elements of the room to pull the look together, lighting, art, etc.

Candice is located in Hudson, OH.
She can be reached at 330-619-0120.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


If you guys live near Hudson, OH and you would like to join The Women's Club of Hudson at The First Congregational Church in Hudson on March 4 at 7 PM with me as the featured speaker, I would love to see you there!  I am going to be talking about turning your passion into a successful business.  WAKE UP & BE AWESOME!  Any questions or for more information, you can contact Lenore Cash-Cusumano at 234-380-1369. At the event they will also be accepting donations of pancake mix complete (just add water) and pancake syrup. I am really excited!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stowe, VT

Stowe, Vermont is probably my husband's favorite travel destination in the United States.  Yesterday was his 40th birthday (we have been together 1/2 his life now) and he spontaneously decided a few weeks ago that we would be driving to Stowe, VT (12 hours) to celebrate this milestone birthday.   Even though Brian is a financial planner by profession, he is an outdoors man by nature (pun intended)!   He loves the snow and he loves mountains.  The beauty of Stowe for me is that it is on the east and the elevation is 3,000 feet.  It is gorgeous!  The little town is quaint and so picturesque.  There is a darling little store in town called Stowe Mercantile that I love.  It is so "old school" and you feel like you have stepped back in time.  The pace in the state of Vermont seems so different from even Ohio because there really is nothing that is on every corner and super accessible at all times.  We learned there are no Targets in the state.  SHOCKING!

The pictures posted are from the Stowe Mountain Resort where we stayed and skied and the last photo is a house we loved that is in Stowe. Stowe Mountain Resort is fab. The amenities are awesome.  Your ski boots  are warmed for you before you hit the slopes and the dining at the resort is so yummy.  Vermont is a big dairy state (think Ben & Jerry's ice cream) and the local flavor of food is delicious.  The decor of the resort is just so cool and I love the use of the birch trees throughout the space.  The decorating uses colors found there in the fall and mixes mountain and contemporary so nicely.  The floral arrangement that greets you in the lobby of the resort had owls in it and owls were throughout the decor.  Of course,  I thought it was great!

The house in the last photo really is a dream house for us.  It was way up on a mountain and the view from the backyard faced the resort with mountain views that were breathtaking  Just amazing.

Monday, February 11, 2013

It is that time of year for the Valentines collection box to be made! All weekend long we were tossing out ideas when inspiration literally came tossing out the trash!  I dug into the garbage bag and pulled out the huge Goldfish box and thought we should actually turn it into a goldfish with the mouth as the receptacle for the Valentines!  We then carried the theme through to her actual Valentine's Day cards at Edie's suggestion of an idea she saw in Family Fun Magazine.  "I'm glad you're in my school!" the card reads with Swedish Fish as the treat.  This is a super easy idea!  The easiest part is all the Goldfish crackers that have to be eaten!  

There are very large Goldfish cracker cartons you can get at the grocery store. Fully open the carton so you can wipe down the inside using a dry and then damp cloth to get out the crumbs.  

Duct tape is a big craft staple here with the girls so we had this on-hand.  We duct tape the carton top back together to form the mouth and  duct taped the entire box to cover the writing.  I am sure you could be creative with the "treatment" of the box, but this was easiest and most fun for Edie to do.  For the fins, we duct taped cardboard on both sides and cut out 2 heart shapes.  Fold the end in to tape to the box so they stick out.  The eyes are also from card stock and we folded a piece of card stock on either end and taped them to the box and then the eye itself and placed them on either side of the eyes.  We wanted them to pop out.  The body of the fish also had silver striped duct tape that helped tie in the fins.  A sign was made using a Popsicle stick, but you could get creative here and Edie wanted it to say, "Pucker Up!" 

This is the finished Fishy!

This is the Pucker Pose!

Cutest Valentine's Day cards! 
Excuse the pic of this particular early reader of this post caught that Edie put "your" instead of "you are!"  Thanks, Michelle ;)!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3 p="">

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hi Guys! ON FEB 6th TODAY or tomorrow depending on when you read this, I will be on a nationally syndicated show called "THE LIST" doing a "cheap to chic" segment we just filmed last week.  We go shopping to find pieces to be re-done and they did and interview piece in my house as well.  It airs here in Cleveland on Channel 5 or ABC affiliate at 7pm.  If you want to check if it is on in your area, go to

It has been a while since my last post. We just got back from Stowe, VT for a ski trip and it was amazing.  I will post pics of the resort we stayed soon!  Really well designed!  I also want to thank you so much for your responses!  I will be randomly selecting 1 person for the consultation and it is SO APPRECIATED!!!  I loved the feedback and seems like you guys all requested the same kind of posts so I will be FOCUSED and ready to ROCK!