Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take the "U" Out of Clutter!

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!  I  hope you have had wonderful holidays and are ready for a wonderful year ahead!  I really am so excited for a fresh start and to do it CLUTTER FREE!   I read something a long the lines of "It is hard to see a path that is not clear" and I am taking it personally.  I think "they" really were referring to me in regards to me, my many things and I.  Armed with my garbage bags, boxes, a yummy smelling candle and good music, I have taken to my house on a mission of clearing the path!  I need to move on and not hold onto "someday" or "back then" anymore.  SO with the help of the book "Take the U Out of Clutter" by Mark Brunetz and Carmen Renee Berry, I am officially taking the U (and a lot of other stuff) out of MY CLUTTER! I have had so many trips to Good Will lately that when I pulled up today the two men said "Homegirl's here!"  Another woman said, "You are giving away such awesome stuff" - so I told her to take what she wanted before I donated it and she said,"I hope to always be behind someone like you here!"  I also have an awesome friend, Lisa that has a fab shop here in Stow, called "Consigners Collection" that will be receiving lots of deliveries.  Time to end this post and get back to clearing!   WISH me well!  My path may be winding and I cannot see the end, but at least I am moving the obstacles out of my way so I am can take the unobstructed journey... for starters to my car and seasonal decor in the basement!  :)

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