Thursday, January 24, 2013

What would you like to SEE?

Hey Guys!  Today I am coming to you for some INSIGHT!  If you send me an email answering the following questions and either become a follower on my blog (if you are not already) or encourage a new follower and like my facebook page (Homegirlshop), I will give you a FREE consultation on the direction of a room, a piece you would like to refinish or any other "pick my brain" kind of thing you would like!  If you do not live near me, we will do it via phone and photos!

I really look forward to hearing from YOU and this is about YOU and how I can help! OK - it is a little about me because I am having a case of cabin fever, but anyways... (;

PLEASE send me an email answering the following questions:

Provide me with your name, address and current email address so I can update my contact system!

What you would like to see on this blog and from me going forward?

What kinds of posts do you like that I do and how can I better serve you guys for inspiration, direction, and content?

Would you like to be able to purchase from me more than just at barn sale times?  If so, what types of things?

In what format would you like to purchase?  Etsy, Blog, Website

Any other comments you think would be HELPFUL!

Sometimes I feel all alone posting on here and would really like to post things that are helpful to YOU!!!  GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT!!!  CAN"T WAIT!!!! :)

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!  You give me the pleasure to do what I love and I so appreciate it everyday!

Talk soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rob Ryan - paper cut artist

I have share this artist, Rob Ryan with you all before, but want to give some more love to him and this art form!  I love this!  My friend the other day described my style as "folksy, yet modern" and I think she nailed it on the head!  Here is some "folksy, yet modern" papercuts for you to enjoy. Here is a post about one of my favorite artists compliments of

One of the Art techniques that I admire the most is PAPER CUT, create drawings and paintings cutting out the paper up to the milimeter, a traditional practice in China, Centre of Europe and Mexico where precision and attention to detail are the most important facts. One of my favourite artists is ROB RYAN. Born in Cyprus in 1962, he studied art at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic before going on to an MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London, where he actually lives. His work is the result of the hardworking hand of delicate paper cut outs. He first draws or prints the design upon the paper, he after cuts it out with a scalpel and lastly he sprays with paint. Besides his own projects, Rob has collaborated with the most prestigious figures such as Paul Smith, Liberty, Tatty Devine and Fortnum & Mason, among others, being used his creations in fashion magazines, jewellry, clothes, rugs, plates, cards, books, etc. So without further delay, I leave you with his works of art, illustrations that tell little stories about love, friendship and solidarity.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Awesome Office

I love this Office!  Clean & simple and I love the quotes framed.  I believe we all should "DO MORE of what makes YOU HAPPY"!!!  Also how great is "Today is the day!"    Really just so cool.  I DO FEEL LIKE TODAY IS THE DAY TO DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! :)

On another unrelated subject matter than the eye candy above, I want to share my daily gratitude with all of you!  One of my favorite things to do is to drive the girls to school everyday.  Two things happened in the car with them that really made me think I must be doing something RIGHT with them. Edie found a penny in the back seat and she whispered, "Mom, there is a penny down here. I want you to pick up so all day long you'll have good luck!" And when Lila was getting out of the car she yelled back to me, "Don't let anything get in your way today, Mom!"  What an awesome little personal cheer-leading squad I have here! LUCKY! LUCKY!  I hope you all have a Happy Day today!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take the "U" Out of Clutter!

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!  I  hope you have had wonderful holidays and are ready for a wonderful year ahead!  I really am so excited for a fresh start and to do it CLUTTER FREE!   I read something a long the lines of "It is hard to see a path that is not clear" and I am taking it personally.  I think "they" really were referring to me in regards to me, my many things and I.  Armed with my garbage bags, boxes, a yummy smelling candle and good music, I have taken to my house on a mission of clearing the path!  I need to move on and not hold onto "someday" or "back then" anymore.  SO with the help of the book "Take the U Out of Clutter" by Mark Brunetz and Carmen Renee Berry, I am officially taking the U (and a lot of other stuff) out of MY CLUTTER! I have had so many trips to Good Will lately that when I pulled up today the two men said "Homegirl's here!"  Another woman said, "You are giving away such awesome stuff" - so I told her to take what she wanted before I donated it and she said,"I hope to always be behind someone like you here!"  I also have an awesome friend, Lisa that has a fab shop here in Stow, called "Consigners Collection" that will be receiving lots of deliveries.  Time to end this post and get back to clearing!   WISH me well!  My path may be winding and I cannot see the end, but at least I am moving the obstacles out of my way so I am can take the unobstructed journey... for starters to my car and seasonal decor in the basement!  :)