Thursday, December 20, 2012

The ultimate store location!

First let me say that I am NOT getting a permanent store space YET, but if I did, below are my top 3 choices that are located in Peninsula, Ohio in the Cuyahoga National Park near Hudson.  The first is my very favorite and I know would host the ultimate garage sale!  I have to give kudos to my husband for composing this shot.  It was his idea and he is so proud.  It is one of my favorite photos my family has ever taken.  The second photo is a general store next door to the garage and the porch and architecture are stunning. The third a beautiful barn that for obvious reasons could be killer for selling, but my barn is hard to compete with.  The photos were taken by Natalie Metzger of Matt and Nat Photography and she is amazing.  I LOVE them! I think that if I "vibe" enough on the first photo the stars will align to allow me to use the space! :)! Channeling "the law of attraction"! ;)  On a side note, the bottom one was used as our Christmas card! Have a wonderful day everyone.  I hope you are all merry making! :) 


  1. Love your site! Have been a fan for years. I dreamed of a barn or storefront for years. I love that you stepped out and took pictures! Awesome!

    Robyn @ Home ~ Haven

  2. The garage!!!! Wow that would be sooo cool.