Friday, December 7, 2012

Life is Good...

"Life is good, this we say. So we celebrate each day.  Laughing. Living. Learning. Loving.  Life is good!"  
Edie taught this to me last year when she was in 2nd grade because her teacher, Mrs. Bagocius would sing it with them every day.  NOW, I say it everyday and we have had it on our refrigerator for quite some time now. It is so important to do each of these EVERYDAY, even if you have to try really hard for each one.  I think the laugh is especially important and sometimes the most challenging for me!  Thank goodness for taped versions of the show "Big Bang Theory"!!!    Another thing she recently taught me was "Every day may not be a good day, but every day has good in it!"  She really is my little philosophical one and blows me away! Thank you, baby doll for showing me things we forget as gown-ups!

On a design note, I love the chalkboard painted side of my refrigerator.  It was simple to do and is a magnet board as well.  I highly recommend doing this, especially if it is in a space that is perfect for displaying or memos or whatever else you would like! 

Life is good!    

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