Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Funky Junk Boutique

If you live near the Akron/Cleveland Ohio area, (or if you don't .. :)), I highly recommend a visit to Shell Venus's adorable little shop, Funky Junk Boutique located ON MAIN STREET in Seville, Ohio.  Shell has done such a wonderful job in her store and bringing her dream to life and I am thrilled to have a PLACE I can actually GO TO that is full of great vintage finds, original artwork and handmades of all sorts.  Shell really encourages local artists and made in the USA and her eye and taste is great.  I absolutely LOVE that she has set up shop on Main Street in a small little town in Ohio and is making it a destination for her shoppers.  For me there is nothing like the experience of "stepping back in time"! 

I love the number "5" accent table here.

Not the best picture, but these aprons made with men's shirts and ties are so creative!

Cute, circle, chevron hand painted frame.

Love the Funky Junk Sign.

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  1. Lucky me, I am just a short car ride away, and I LOVE going to the shop! My friend introduced me to it, and I have been there for custom signs, hair accessories, gifts and home decor. Lovelovelove it!!