Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12! My golden child!

Today is Lila's 11th birthday, but it is her GOLDEN birthday because it is triple digits, 12-12-12.  The festivities of the day started with a wake up at 12:12 AM to wish herself Happy Birthday and get wishes from us at 12:12 too!  HER idea, of course.  Then we are going to school today to wish her Happy Birthday again with balloons and doughnuts at her request also.  She is super jazzed.  Her birthday present was a recent Justin Beiber concert and she was over the moon.

The pictures I am sharing today are her new born picture, a card she gave today me for "having her"  and a recent picture taken a few weeks ago.  Lila had the most hair of any of the new born's in the maternity ward so the nurses were so excited that they got to style her hair. They put the gauze bow in she is such a little cutie.  If any of you know the song, "Call Me Maybe", we say she was singing this in her newborn photo. Look at her hand placement.  :)   She always has been singing since the minute she came out.  Many musically inclined people have told me she hits a high C when she screams!  TRUE!

The card she gave me is just a glimpse at her beautiful personality.  To tell me she loves me is a daily occurrence and the picture of me and her that she drew is my fave!  Look at the flip she drew in my hair!

Note in the recent picture, the Kool-Aid dyed blue strip along her face that she did all on her own.  She even made a video about the process!  She researched what color would look good with brown hair and brown eyes and made a strong argument for me to allow her.

Thank you for letting me share my baby with you.  She is a blessing in our lives since the day she came into it and we love her so much! 

HAVE AN AWESOME DAY and make a wish at 12:12!

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