Friday, November 2, 2012

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

So we've all seen faux animal heads recently in decoration - elephant heads, deer heads, bear heads, zebra heads... you name it, it's been ceramic'd-stuffed-knitted-papier machie'd. You get the idea. And I happen to really like this trend.

Book pages on a deer head
Such a fun arrangement
Wouldn't these be adorable in a nursery?
But I was trolling Etsy the other day and saw a new take on the faux taxidermy trend. Check out these yarn bombed antlers (I just love the name - it's also the name of this Etsy seller's store!).

I think it puts a fun spin on the idea and it could be something you could DIY (if you had a pair of antlers lying around...). I really like the idea of "yarn bombing" other items. I'm thinking lampshades, vases, furniture legs. What would you yarn bomb?

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