Monday, September 24, 2012

Country Living Fair 2012

Here we GO!!! Pictures of the tent at the Country Living Fair. Brian and Amanda were super at rockin' the tent! As were Shelley, Mary Jo and Candice for coordinating all of the behind the scenes action! I could not do it without my awesome support system!!! The tent was so colorful and the vibe was filled with such fun energy. Edie, my 8-year-old, painted owls and sold every last one of them! Her art is amazing and I am so proud of her. We sold almost everything, which is so fab because packing up the truck at the end is a snap! :) I had to do some serious shopping last week in prep for the fall sale. The stuff for the fall sale is just as fab and I know it is going to fly! :) Favorite moments from the Fair included my "free" giveaways for fun that blew people away. I gave away things and asked the receivers to do the same for someone else that was happy and they were to continue it as well! PASS IT ON!!!!  :) This was my sweet Lila's suggestion - cutie pie! SO AMAZING to do this - I JUST LOVE IT! 


  1. That one is on my bucket list!!! Looks like you had a great show!! And the weather was perfect!!

  2. Love your space and colorful pieces in my face colors! Also love your daughter's name, by the way :)