Friday, June 8, 2012

The Snail Trail - VW Buses

I am a HUGE fan of VW buses. I have a dream that some day I will own one and I'll travel all over in my pimped out ride. Until then, I can drool at these cool VWs by The Snail Trail. The Snail Trail is an English company that sells and rents some really awesome VWs. They give each bus a woman's name, which is incredibly adorable. Check out the bright, beautiful colors on some of the girls.

Rosie Lee
And come ON! How sweet is this caravan named Constance? I could have so much fun camping in this cutie.

You know I'd go crazy decorating the inside of one of those busses if I ever got my hands on one. A girl can dream...


  1. Love this Gina! Can't decide which I like better - the VW bus (which we had when I was young), or an Airstream....hmmm.....

    1. Oh my gosh...we had an airstream we took to the beach every summer when I was a kid! I'd love to have one now!