Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feeling "Whelmed", Not Giving Up

Friends, things are busy in Homegirl land. Crazy, insane, unreal busy. But I am not complaining. Actually, at this moment I am feeling incredibly blessed and overwhelmingly lucky. Although overwhelmed is a word I have decided to ban from my vocabulary. When it's used in the negative sense, that is. I am so tired of that word. I feel like it just calls people to inaction. It's one thing to feel like it's impossible, but still move forward and eat that elephant, one bite at a time. It's another to say forget it, I'm not even trying. So now instead of overwhelmed I am saying I'm "whelmed" so I actually take that first bite.

Check out these awesome Sesame Street videos. Yes, Sesame Street. sings a song about having a dream and never quitting, believing in yourself, not letting anything bring you down and getting stronger in that dream. So fitting for me these days.

And Bruno Mars' is about not giving up and trying to reach your goals, no matter how hard they seem to attain.

Both messages are super relevant to me right now. Everyone goes through periods like this, so you may be there with me at this moment. If you have a kiddo or two, grab your sweeties and watch these videos together. I think adults and children alike can learn a thing or two from them.

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