Monday, May 14, 2012

On the Air with Nate Berkus

Hi there! Welcome to if you are just finding us from The Nate Berkus Show. The All-Star DIY Showdown may not have turned out as I had hoped, but I had a fantastic time nonetheless! :)

Nate is such a sweetheart and my competition, Hannah Flora is truly talented. I really did like what she created!

If you liked my trunk turned desk stay tuned. I am going to post a tutorial on how I did it (and show you just how cute it looks in Lila's room!) soon.

Thanks for tuning in to Nate today and keep coming back here for information and inspiration. Have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. Gina!

    I did see your Nate Berkus segment! But not because I read about it on your blog -I was watching and then googled your name! How awesome. I actually thought I was watching a rerun until I read this post -all of his episodes lately seem to be reruns lately.

    Anyways, great job! It's so exciting for you. I can't wait to start reading your blog.

    Fellow DIYer and newbie blogger,

  2. I loved your segment. How did you get the trunk to hang on the wall?

  3. havent been blog hopping what a great surprise to see you again on the nate show !! hope all is well with you guys....and really hope we run into each other again in our travels !!

  4. I loved you on the Nate show. I love the trunk turn desk idea and please post on your blog. I also like how you were so encouraging to another DIYer .