Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Wild Day

While we were in Barbados, we tried to take in as much of the local flavor as we could. Starting, of course, with some yummy eats!

Here we are at Posh Nosh where Lila (brave girl!) and I tried pig tail! Edie and Brian decided to take a pass on that one. I really loved the Bajan food. It was delicious!

We also visited the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. It was very very cool! Check out this amazing giant gear just perched on the patio. So industrial - I love it.

Also inside the Reserve they had this awesome light fixture set against a fabulous ceiling. Kind of reminds me of the ceiling in my barn - only way taller!

Oh, and check out this little stone building. How awesome would that be in a garden? Love it!

The Reserve also had some really cute animals, like this guy.

We also saw peacocks and there were monkeys that would steal food from you if you weren't watching. Too funny!

Such a great day!

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  1. You are all so cute! Glad you got to get away with your family! XO Bess