Sunday, April 29, 2012


"Is chevron out?" My friend asked me this today and I thought it was a great question. In our current age of information overload, ideas and designs that you may have seen only in magazines or occasionally in someone's home are now just one easy click away. We've seen chevron for a couple years now and though it may seem like it's everywhere, my simple answer to my friend was "no, it's not out." And the reason I said that is because even though chevron is a trend that has been incredibly embraced, design and style is not about updating every piece you own to follow the times. It's about incorporating elements that you love and that reflect your personality into your living spaces.

So if you dig chevron, throw a pillow or two on a chair.

Or stack some bangles on your arm.

Or go crazy and paint your floors!

But do it because you love it, and keep doing it because you love it. Your house is where you should be most comfortable, so make sure you include always your favorite things in it.

Monday, April 23, 2012


This artist is amazing! Rob Ryan is British visual artist who works in papercut and screenprints. Check this out - love it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chattel Houses

I am so inspired by some amazing architecture we saw in Barbados. Have you ever heard of Chattel Houses? The modest homes were built for plantation workers and were set on blocks so they could be moved easily. They are so cute and on many the colors are incredibly vibrant. Perfect for a tropical location!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Wild Day

While we were in Barbados, we tried to take in as much of the local flavor as we could. Starting, of course, with some yummy eats!

Here we are at Posh Nosh where Lila (brave girl!) and I tried pig tail! Edie and Brian decided to take a pass on that one. I really loved the Bajan food. It was delicious!

We also visited the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. It was very very cool! Check out this amazing giant gear just perched on the patio. So industrial - I love it.

Also inside the Reserve they had this awesome light fixture set against a fabulous ceiling. Kind of reminds me of the ceiling in my barn - only way taller!

Oh, and check out this little stone building. How awesome would that be in a garden? Love it!

The Reserve also had some really cute animals, like this guy.

We also saw peacocks and there were monkeys that would steal food from you if you weren't watching. Too funny!

Such a great day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break'in in Barbados

Over spring break, Brian, the girls and I headed 2,000 miles south to Barbados for a little sun and fun. I also got a side dish of inspiration and recharged batteries. And with all of the craziness happening in my life right now, a little recharge was just what I needed.

Waking up to this view each day wasn't too shabby.

We stayed at the Hilton Resort and it was completely amazing. Beautiful views, awesome pools, incredible beaches, attentive staff. I definitely recommend it.

The girls embraced the island attitude and got their hair done in cornrows. Here's Lila, living it up.

When I look back at all of my pictures from vacation I feel so lucky and thankful for my family and all of the adventures we have together.

Barbados was full of energy, colors and unbelievable beauty. I have some inspiration pictures from our trip that I'll be back to share with you soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So Birchin' - Birch Tree Wallpaper DIY

Sorry for the lame title, but it made me laugh! Have any of you watched the show "Once Upon a Time"? How about this awesome birch tree wallpaper in the Evil Queen's office? Isn't it amazing?

How incredible would that look on one wall, a la my office? Or in a small entry way?

I saw similar paper at Anthropologie, but it came with a hefty price tag - $198 a roll. But check this out, for $39.99 you can recreate the look with these birch tree wallies.

You can decide your background color (the tan here is incredibly blah!) and then adhere these for a custom look. And if you get tired of them, they are easily removable. It's the perfect solution for someone looking to make a big statement without too much commitment!

Another idea is to DIY life-size birch tree trunks. Believe it or not, these images are made from left-over cereal boxes and house paint.

Totally custom and totally cool, right? You can read more about how it was done here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

May Barn Sale

BARN SALE - here at Maplewood Farm dates and times!
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd
Hudson, OH 44236

June 1 - 10am-3pm
June 2 - 10am-3pm

GMC Trade Secrets Winner

Follow the link below to check out my video for GMC Trade Secrets with Eric Stromer filmed in LA. What a beautiful home and what a fun small space under the stairway that we designed. Thank you to GMC and AOL for giving me the amazing opportunity.