Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rocky Mountain High...

Too HIGH actually. 10000 ft (Breckenridge, CO)+ Gina = 1000 ft (back to Ohio early). The only way I can describe our vacation was "breathtaking"- literally and figuratively! It was so beautiful and the mountain views, the cute towns and the amazing colors were breathtaking. BUT the lack of oxygen at the high altitude also took my breath away! I don't think I have ever experienced sickness anything like it. I could rally during the day for skiing that was incredible but had to take oxygen breaks in between - crazy! Although our trip was cut short, I loved seeing CO. Traveling in the US and experiencing different landscapes and unique flavors each state has to offer is just so awesome. The town of Breck is the coolest ever. It looks like something right out of a Western film. On the drive from Denver in the mountain sides, you see the historic gold mines (again movie like) with the old wood buildings with painted on signs, neat carts on the track, and shafts. The town of Breckenridge was so charming and looked like someone had hand placed the buildings and homes down in a railroad scene that would go around your Christmas tree. The local flavors of food were the best and little walk up crepe "shack" on Main St was one of my favorites. All in all it was a wonderful get away and I WILL go back out West. I WILL NOT however stay at 10000 ft.

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