Monday, January 9, 2012

Reply for Homegirl Artists "Call"

Hey Guys - thank you so much to all who replied to my artist request. Despite my enthusiasm, I have not yet had a chance to review what you have sent and wanted to let you know I have not forgotten but just have been so super busy that I have not been able to give attention to it YET!!! I will be doing so early in the month of February and have all of your emails saved and cannot wait to see what you have got! BTW, it is for my spring sale in May. Thank you for being patient!


  1. I Am putting together an email for you this week :) I live in Ohio so would love to come up and hang out for the sale... If that would be an option too.

  2. Greetings Gina Bishop.
    My name is Jarrod Becker. I am a fine artist in the Greater Cincinnati area. I'm a kook for old and found objects as well. I have found my art works extremely well with an eclectic interior that found objects help create. Please check out my work sometime and let me know of you have any questions, comments, or interests.
    Would gladly deliver work to your location for any upcoming sale or event.



  3. Hi! Just wondering if you are looking for more artists still? Happy Thursday!