Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forget Biebs - it is the Wallpaper

Seems as if JB is not the showstopper of my last post... it is the Wallpaper!!! Just like my "homies" to be looking in the background at the home decor. Just like I would be doing! I have received a ton of emails asking what the wallpaper is. It is brand new at my house, so this pic is not of a completed room, (will post soon) but I must fill you in on the paper. It is from Anthropologie online and is called Block Begonia. It is amazing and is like kraft paper. I LOVE IT and most of the other offerings of wallpaper from there! Go look and be inspired... www.anthropologie.com.


  1. Gina, that is beautiful, looks like it's perfect for your space. Can't wait to see the completed look!
    - Heidi

  2. Wallpaper is absolutely in Vogue again! Check out January Paint & Wallpaper at 394 W. Exchange St. in Akron for high end close outs and beautiful vintage prints. Prices for close outs start at $4.00, special order items vary! Reinvent your room!