Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Sale

I have never been so busy before a sale that I did not get steller pics of the inside of the barn before it got shopped. THANK YOU to all who came and thank you for your patience! What a beautiful night it was and what fun and great energy filled the barn! I am still on a high! It was the biggest sale yet and when you have a traffic jam things can get crazy! It will not be that way next time and we will have a new parking system in place. I learn so much every sale and will improve. I will get through more shots and add what I have, but wanted to get the crowd shot and the coolest owl ever that I made from all natural materials. It is one of my faves ever! A special thanks to my awesome team for pulling together all that goes into this!


  1. So happy to have discovered you on Nate's show! Love your style and hope I can shop your barn next time :D

  2. We are new to the Hudson area, and I just happened to read a blurb about this in the paper, so stopped in on Saturday morn. So glad I did! That owl is one of the coolest things I've seen, and I'm going to attempt a smaller version for my door. Going out this afternoon to gather materials ...