Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Calling all HomeGirl Designers...

PLEASE if anyone is interested or knows anyone who would like to sell their creations, re-purposed items, painted furniture, etc, via HomeGirl at my barn sales, please submit your work and wholesale pricing to Gina@homegirlshop.com. I would love to buy your work (with your company name on it - if you would like) and sell it through HomeGirl. Thank you so much!!! Gina

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ornament Craft

Easy to do craft for making your own ornaments using household items. Such a fun and creative craft idea!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for...

My life just as it is. My husband, my girls, my family, my friends and all of the blessings we have. Take nothing for granted. I have been feeling so nostalgic lately and SO THANKFUL for what has gone into my personal story. I cannot wait for it to unfold only more. I hope you take time this week to reflect on the things YOU are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

I love these photos. Look at my house and how my mother decorated with found objects. I adored my "perfectly imperfect" home (see Deborah Needleman's new book) my mother created and feel that it set the tone for my love of my home and vintage pieces today. I think a home should feel lived in and used by the family. A "perfect" home is one that tells your family's story. Some people say they cannot decorate "nicely" with kids but I don't think that is the case. Children should be taught to appreciate and respect the things they live with. It is their home too and the impression they get while living with you will never be forgotten. My mother always used to let us use everything in our house and nothing was off limits. I do the same with my children and hope they are inspired by our home someday to carry on what my mother started.

A few notes on the pictures...The wall behind my couch in the first picture cracks me up. It is actually very "Urban Outfitters" feeling" these days. She was definitely ahead of her time. The first picture was taken when I came home from the hospital. Oh and my mom's skirt and shag hairdo? The best! Don't you just love the "harvest gold" appliances and the wall paper in our kitchen? - The Partridge Family had in their kitchen too! I used to sit in the cabinet in my kitchen and pretend it was my house. The horse I am riding on was found at a yard sale and was another favorite of mine.

Thank you mom for my inspiration. Please share any pics you may have or tell me how you were inspired by your home and I will share them on my blog too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forget Biebs - it is the Wallpaper

Seems as if JB is not the showstopper of my last post... it is the Wallpaper!!! Just like my "homies" to be looking in the background at the home decor. Just like I would be doing! I have received a ton of emails asking what the wallpaper is. It is brand new at my house, so this pic is not of a completed room, (will post soon) but I must fill you in on the paper. It is from Anthropologie online and is called Block Begonia. It is amazing and is like kraft paper. I LOVE IT and most of the other offerings of wallpaper from there! Go look and be inspired... www.anthropologie.com.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bieber Fever!

Bieber Fever at the Bishop house!!! The girls finally got to meet Justin Bieber, a dream come true (kinda, sorta?) So much fun! Lila asked me if I could go to the mall like this with a straight face! Brian was Selena Gomez (Justin's girlfriend) and I know, I know, this picture is disturbing. We told him to pose like her! He was a VERY GOOD SPORT as usual! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Closet of Memories

Please vote for my entry via Facebook "GMC Let's Trade Secrets Challenge" for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card daily until November 8. I have 2 entries, Home Decor, Home Improvement. Please pass on to any family or friends, too! Thanks so much!!! Gina

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Let's Trade Secrets" GMC challenge

PLEASE vote for both of my home décor and home improvement entries in the GMC's "Let's Trade Secrets" challenge! Go to http://www.facebook.com/GMCTradeSecrets?sk=app_283491221661773 via Facebook - also on my FB page (friend me, Gina Bishop - if you have not already) and PLEASE vote DAILY for the 2 entries (home décor and home improvement) to enter YOURSELF to win a $50 VISA Gift Card DAILY until Nov 8, 2011! I would love it if you could pass it onto all of your family and friends (via Facebook and email) asking them to vote for me too and also entering themselves in to win the gift card!




Friday, October 21, 2011

Awesome Autumn Treat

Carmel Pretzel Nut Popcorn
8 cups broken pretzels
20 cups popped popcorn
4 cups roasted peanuts
3 cups brown sugar
3/4 cups light corn syrup
1 1/2 cups butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Place pretzels, popcorn and peanuts into a very large pan, bowl or brown paper bag and set aside.

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the brown sugar, corn syrup and butter. Cook, stirring to melt the butter and dissolve the sugar, until mixture comes to a boil. Once the mixture is at a full boil, continue to cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and stir in the salt, vanilla, and baking soda. The mixture will foam up when you add the soda, so use a long wooden spoon to stir. Immediately pour the sugar mixture over the popcorn , pretzels and peanuts in the pan or bag. Mix or shake until the mixture is evenly coated.


Homegirl Owl Costume

Owl Decor

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still on a high...

I swear I cannot sleep! I am just so excited about what happened last week at the barn! The evening could not have been better and the weather was glorious. It was a blast and all of you are so awesome! I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love and that you guys find cool things for your homes that you love! Thank you all again! YOU ROCK!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Sale

I have never been so busy before a sale that I did not get steller pics of the inside of the barn before it got shopped. THANK YOU to all who came and thank you for your patience! What a beautiful night it was and what fun and great energy filled the barn! I am still on a high! It was the biggest sale yet and when you have a traffic jam things can get crazy! It will not be that way next time and we will have a new parking system in place. I learn so much every sale and will improve. I will get through more shots and add what I have, but wanted to get the crowd shot and the coolest owl ever that I made from all natural materials. It is one of my faves ever! A special thanks to my awesome team for pulling together all that goes into this!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This Thursday, (10/6), 6-9pm, Friday (10/7), 10am-2pm, Saturday (10/8), 10am-12pm. Come Thursday evening, bring your friends and line up early, but carpool if you can! Parking on my property. We accept all forms of payment but checks are the easiest. Tea served by Angela Gotthardt of Secret Tea Society too! I have the coolest stuff and are so excited for this sale. Can't wait for you to come!
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd in Hudson. 330-650-2135 for questions.
Also, you will want to check out Trot Home's Sale in Hudson, Friday, 10/7 (5-8pm) and Saturday, 10/8 (10am-4pm). Valley View Rd.

Friday, September 30, 2011

My date with Nate!

I am going to be on the Nate Berkus show next Friday, October 7th in a yard sale challenge against my older sister! Please check your local listings for what channel Nate is on in your area and what time! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done and Nate is a doll. Tune in to see who wins!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Sale Reminder

Come and bring your friends! SALE!
Thursday evening: Oct 6 6-9pm
Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 10am-12pm

Maplewood Farm
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd
Hudson, OH 44236

330-650-2135 for questions call Gina

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a hoot!

I love this nursery designed by my friend and former boss, Jody Schrieber. Jody did not only create the concept but implemented all of her own designs, including, painting the dots, making the bedding and all the accessories. I think the use of unexpected colors for a baby are refreshing and modern and of course I like the owl accents and the salvaged letters above the crib. Jody has moved from Ohio and now lives in Lincoln, NE. If you are interested in a design consultation contact Jody at Jody@schrieber.us.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HomeGirl October SALE!

Thursday night, Oct 6: 6-9pm
Friday, Oct 7: 10am-2pm
Saturday, Oct 8: 10am-12pm
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd
Hudson, OH
No detour anymore!
330-650-2135 for questions

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hudson Homegirl in New York City

Hudson HomeGirl Alexxa Gotthardt now has a little bit of "home"(girl) in her New York City Apartment. Alexxa's mom, Angela Gotthardt, owner of Secret Tea Society (Angela had the incredible tea at my summer sale) bought the dresser for her daughter and delivered it to New York! Alexxa and Angela are two of the most stylish, hip people I know and have awesome taste. I am biased I know, BUT love that they LOVED this dresser! It was one of my all time favorites. I love the worn, time tested look and paint - and PINK - ooooh! To learn more about Angela's business and for her upcoming fall events checkout www.secretteasociety.com or http.//vimeo.com/24286861.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach Fun

Ahhhh the beach! What fun we had and how LUCKY are we that we get to go back for another 5 days??? I love the picture I took of the girls with the flowers in their hair. My little flower children. They are growing up so fast and I wish time would stand still. I cannot believe school is back in session in 4 weeks. I hope you all are enjoying your time with your families!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stash Style's Pop Up Shop - Beachcliff Sq

Stash Style Sale!

Friday July 22nd 5-9pm

Saturday July 23rd 10-6

19300 Detroit Rd.

Beachcliff Market Square

{next to Francesca's}

Friday cocktails & live music!

Don't want miss this "pop-up" shop.

New Stash Style linen clothing line.

Also including...

painted furniture



wonderful vintage garden

architectural antiques

too much to list!

Homegirl's finds will be featured.

The feather girls are coming!!!

Check stashstyle.com for photos.

email stashstyle@yahoo to be added to our email list for future sales!

Friday, June 24, 2011

outside the barn

These are a few shots of the outside of the barn by a HG customer and fellow blogger Valerie Ott. Valerie has a cute blog www.homemademodern.blogspot.com. Check it out! LOOOOOVE my flag on the side of the barn.
P.S. A small favor for me??? if you read my blog on a regular basis, I am asking PRETTY PLEASE if you would be one of my "followers". I would love to build my list and I cannot do it without YOUR HELP!!! So if you don't mind, take a few minutes and sign up - on the bottom of my blog hit the "follow" button, so you show up on my page (it is different than receiving emails from your HG)! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I cannot do this without you guys!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Sale!


ALL I want to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that came and supported us and THANK YOU to my husband Brian and to all of my friends (Shannon, Angela, Jean, Mary Jo, Terry, Leslie, Heidi, Meghan, Bessie, Lisa, Shelley, Linda, Molly and Laura, who have helped me pull off another successful sale! I know this sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech, but I definitely could not do what I do without the help of all of my peeps! They ROCK! It was a blast and I think this sale was the best yet! :) - I say that every year! ;). I loved having Shannon's (Stash Style) styling and awesome stuff for sale at the barn and I loved that my friend Angela (Secret Tea Society) provided the best tasting teas and whoopie pies ever! Next post is going to be more pics and I even got professional shots this year that I will share with you next week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SALE Directions

Here are directions to my house - 2357 Hudson Aurora Rd Hudson, OH 44236 (Point B on below map). Aurora St. is closed at the Turnpike overpass (route 80), so, two ways to get here:
1. (C) Darrow Road - turn onto Herrick Park, follow to Hudson Aurora Rd, turn left and we are on the left or
2. (A) East on Streetsboro St. (Route 303) to Stow Road, turn left onto Stow, turn left again on Hudson Aurora at the United Methodist Church.

It is not complicated, just a pain!!

In case of rain, wear your boots and try to carpool with a friend!

We are also accepting charge cards for purchases over $50.

My friend Angela, owner of Secret Tea Society, will be serving iced tea, tea spritzers and whoopie pies - a special treat for us!

Also, plan to check out Colleen Locke's Trot Home barn sale also in Hudson, same times!

We cannot wait to see you - LOTS and LOTS of awesome stuff.

Thursday, June 16th 6-9pm
Friday, June 17th 10am-2pm
Saturday, June 18th 10am-noon

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting READY!!!

I wanted to mention my friend Colleen Locke's TROT HOME BARN SALE going on the same dates and times (she has extended hours a little more than mine) also in HUDSON! check out hers and mine - she has awesome stuff!

Trot Home:
7340 Valley View Rd
Hudson, OH 44236

Friday, May 27, 2011

HG SALE - EVENING 6/16 added

HomeGirl Sale - NEW evening date CHANGED to Thursday PM, June 16 6-9pm instead of Friday night, June 17.

New Sale Hours:
Thursday, June 16 6-9pm
Friday, June 17 10am -2pm
Saturday, June 18 10am-12pm

Maplewood Farm
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd
Hudson, OH 44236

PLEASE NOTE!!!! Hudson Aurora Rd will be closed and we will provide more details about getting to my house via detour closer to the date, so look for out for it!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

great sale!

Congratulations to my friend Shannon Vance, owner of Stash Style on her first occasional sale! Such great stuff! More at my annual barn sale coming up, June 17th (Friday night 5-9pm) and June 16th (Saturday 10am-5pm). Lots and lots of cool stuff to buy! p.s. check out the flag cube in the front of the first shot! Oh - it was one of my favs!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

May Sale - Stash Style+HomeGirl

May Sale 2011 at Stash Style Location in Rocky River!
May 6th - Friday 5-10pm
May 7th - Saturday 10am-5pm

780 Bates Rd
Rocky River, OH

440-364-4923 - call Shannon if questions or check out www.stashstyle.com

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools!

OOOOHHHH - Brian and I had the best time this morning playing a joke on the girls. We set up a "fake" Brian reading the newpaper to greet them in the kitchen when they woke up! We video taped it and it was one of my favorite things we have ever done for the girls. They were both in shock and staring at it. They both touched the legs in disbelief. It is too funny! Happy April Fools everyone!