Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No November Sale...

So "the cat's back IN the bag..." - NO HomeGirl November Sale. I "let the cat OUT of the bag" when I said I was going to do a November sale, but it is not going to happen this fall as I had hoped. I sold most of my inventory at the Country Living Fair, (which is a beautiful thing ;)), and I'm not going to be able to accumulate enough cool stuff to have a stellar sale. I REALLY AM WORKING on an online presence and are trying to sort out all of the details of that. Do look for cool things to order online sometime between now and JUNE 2011 when I will open the barn again for the big sale. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who had expressed interest in coming. YOU guys make this so fun for me and are my favorite part!


  1. I was fortunate enough to stumble on one of your barn sales a couple years ago at the Hudson Home & Garden Tour! Loved it!!! I have since learned how "famous" you are. I am looking forward to your online shop and would love to chat with you some time. Just started my own blog and am working on an Etsy shop.
    Happy junking!

  2. I am thrilled to hear you sold out at the Country Living Fare. I am thrilled to be going to it tomorrow here in Georgia. I cant wait!! Will be looking for your online shop ! Love your site.

  3. Darn. I was looking forward to it. :(