Monday, August 30, 2010

Niagra Falls and Toronto, Canada

We were trying to squeeze in one last summer adventure before school started and last weekend we went to Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada - what an inspiring trip! Niagara Falls was so amazing where we went to the "windcave". You take an elevator shaft down near the falls and you are so close, you feel like you are in a hurricane. Then we went on to Toronto where we went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) where we saw the Terra Cotta Army exhibit (traveling for the first time out of China - no pics allowed) and Lila and Edie got to do a ceremonial dance with the Native Indians.

We also visited China Town where these murals were my favorite. I love the colors and energy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I saw the sign

Oooohhhh I'm seeing signs. I have some really cool ones right now. Love the Food for a kitchen or a table top and the opposites 'right' and 'left' and so approite for my girls or me and my husband. The "Gere" is a collection I put together for a baby's room in Flordia. The "G" was one of the best letters I have ever had. Have lots of new letters!!! Will ship! Let me know if you have any requests!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh where, oh where has summer gone?

Tomorrow is the first day of school and the first day of first grade for Edie and the first day that I will have a full 8 hours to myself??? There is a concept. Time has gone so fast and I'm very sad that the summer has offically come to an end and that my children are growing up so fast. Time really is precious and I want to enjoy every minute I have of it. Next post will be a summer in review... so many cool things!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

a "solid" love

A "solid" love, represented by our hearts of stone... :) hee! hee! My kids started a heart rock collection a few years ago and every time we find one we add to it. Last Sunday, we went water walking at Brandywine Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and enjoyed finding more heart rocks. The tinier the better and the "more heart shaped" the better. Lila and Edie both won "awards" for the finds of the day with the largest, best shaped (Lila) and the smallest, best shaped and colored (Edie). Edie has an eagle eye for all things tiny and she found the terra cotta one. They sit on my coffee table and I look at them everyday when I have my morning cup of coffee and I am reminded of how lucky I am to be loved by my family. Start looking for your own heart rocks. It really makes you see things in a different sense.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home pt 2

HomeGirl artist Amanda Trueman has made these incredible pieces from found objects for the HomeGirl tent at the CL Fair and hopefully for the HG online Marketplace as well. These make me very happy and I think they are fab! Can't wait to see what else she is going to come up with!