Monday, July 26, 2010

pure amusement

What a thrill my family had at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend! My older sisters, Susie and Crinny and me all took all of our families for a day filled with fun and good food and it was a blast! ;) Being from the Pittsburgh area, my family went to Kennywood every year and took a picnic to the park. The day would not have been complete without my Italian mother's traditional Kennywood picnic food - Italian fried pork sandwiches on Italian bread, chicken wings with Italian dressing, and potato and macaroni salad. It was THE BEST! Of course we also had to have the Potato Patch cheese fries, funnel cake with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream, chocolate dipped cones covered in chopped peanuts and several snowcones and slushies - OH MY!!! My best memories ALL involve FOOD!
I also went on the park's biggest thrill ride - the sky coaster where you are raised up several stories, free fall for a few seconds and fly through the park at 75 miles per hour!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! It was one of the most daring and cool things I have ever done in my life. It was so awesome, I went 2 times (1st with my nephew (pictured), and brother in law) and 2nd after I convinced Brian to go with me (and my nephew, again)!

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  1. so glad you made it to the 'burg this summer....kennywood is always a blast !! happy to see you decided to do CL again !!! looking forward to seeing you !