Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend fun!

MORE MORE MORE painting and water play BUT we did save some time for FUN!!! We were even in the Memorial Day parade in Hudson yesterday for Hudson Community Foundation which does the fireworks for our community every year! Brian is on the board and it is a great group!

LOVE this chair! For sale... for those of you that know Michelle Adams (Rubie Green, Lony) - she has a similar one in her apartment and uses it for a prop. Hers is red with a zebra seat!

ALSO - I will be posting about the sale a lot in the next few weeks, but wanted to tell you for those that are coming that it will be CASH OR CHECK ONLY this time and please car pool with a friend if you can!!! Parking can get crazy!!!

SALE DATES - June 18, 19 10am-4pm

Can't Wait! Hope to SEE you there!!! ;)

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  1. a customer just came into my boutique (b. lux boutique) and told me about your sale! i can't wait to come this weekend!!