Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more WOW

More pics from the sale... LOVED my create letters and cannot part with them and my outdoor living room with the HG pillow on bed (made by a friend), was one of my favorite vignettes. Edie laid on the bed and said. "This looks like a place for sweet dreams." I could not agree more! ;). The cream bench with the black and white seat is the finished product of an earlier post. Brian (my awesome husband) rocked it on the bench finishing. He was so good, he should consider quitting his day job... The peace signs were another favorite - ahhhh. I kept one for myself, too. This last shot is of Saturday morning after a delivery of furniture on Friday AM. Brian channelled his "inner homeBOY" and set the barn late, late on Friday night while I tried to catch some Z's. He did such a great job and amazed me b/c it looked like something I would do. HHMMMM am I rubbing off on him??? When I asked him, "Where he has been this whole time?", he told me, "I needed you to get OUT." Point well taken - I can be a serious pain and probably a little scary!!! More pics to come and again, thanks to everyone who came!!!!

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  1. Looks awesome! Wish I lived closer so I could have came and done some serious shopping! I love those big letters!!