Wednesday, June 23, 2010

car crush

OK - sooooo my dream ride came to my sale on Saturday AM and I loooooove this van so much - I had to get pics with it. It was so cute b/c the owner got out for our photo op and when she took the first one, she said, "I smell a Christmas card." Spoiler alert... I think so, and the tag line will say "Peace".

I see the van driving around town and crush on it so bad. It's owner is a fellow Aquarian and her birthday is days from mine and we were "insta" friends. We joked we knew each other in our former hippie lives... I have been looking for a van for years and dream of one day having my own and putting "homegrl" on the licence plate (it is available in OH) and having my HG logo running down the side. I also dream of being in the Hudson Memorial Day parade in our own HG van and throwing daisies into the crowd! ;) so sad, but true. A girl has got to dream! Maybe one more year of successful HG sale and I'm in for one!!!


  1. Put a 'hold' on that plate right now, Homegirl; it should be yours regardless the VW kombi. And here's a little something in case color doesn't matter:

    Looking forward to catching a daisy one day!
    tIO xx

  2. Long live the crush!