Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 favs from sale

SOOOOO, I had so many "favorites" this go round, but these pics of are 2 of my most favs! This 'rockin dresser made by my friend and incredible artist Teresa Bosko (she did the cool flowers on the barn doors as well) almost did not make it to the barn because I wanted to own it myself. The technique she used was unlike anything I had ever seen before and it was super unique. It was so rock-n-roll (crushed hot pink velvet even lined the drawers - aaaahhh) and I thought it looked like it belonged in Liverpool, England. I could not belive it, but a very hip (of course) English woman(who grew up 120 miles from Liverpool) bought it for her daughter and they loved it. It was meant to be!!!!
My other "favorite" - was that my Edie (6 1/2 year old) is calling herself "a professional" artisit now because she had her first sale of this adorable owl she had made for the barn. She did it completely on her own, without me knowing she was even working on it, and delivered to me the final product. She asked if she could put it in the barn for sale for $.08 and I told her, that does not even cover the supplies for it, so I said, "How about $22?" and she said, "Do I get to keep all of that money?" and when I said "Yes!" She was beyond excited! The photo of her painting is with Abby (the woman who bought it) and she is also holding an owl pillow that she bought to go in her son's room who loves owls. An artist is born...

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  1. LOve! I will be in Ohio Wednesday -- chatting with Michelle -- maybe I can meet you?