Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 favs from sale

SOOOOO, I had so many "favorites" this go round, but these pics of are 2 of my most favs! This 'rockin dresser made by my friend and incredible artist Teresa Bosko (she did the cool flowers on the barn doors as well) almost did not make it to the barn because I wanted to own it myself. The technique she used was unlike anything I had ever seen before and it was super unique. It was so rock-n-roll (crushed hot pink velvet even lined the drawers - aaaahhh) and I thought it looked like it belonged in Liverpool, England. I could not belive it, but a very hip (of course) English woman(who grew up 120 miles from Liverpool) bought it for her daughter and they loved it. It was meant to be!!!!
My other "favorite" - was that my Edie (6 1/2 year old) is calling herself "a professional" artisit now because she had her first sale of this adorable owl she had made for the barn. She did it completely on her own, without me knowing she was even working on it, and delivered to me the final product. She asked if she could put it in the barn for sale for $.08 and I told her, that does not even cover the supplies for it, so I said, "How about $22?" and she said, "Do I get to keep all of that money?" and when I said "Yes!" She was beyond excited! The photo of her painting is with Abby (the woman who bought it) and she is also holding an owl pillow that she bought to go in her son's room who loves owls. An artist is born...

Monday, June 28, 2010

country living fair summer give-a-way

Sorry this pic is so small (big to me, though, ;),)but, I was so fired up to learn that the Country Living Fair 2009 HomeGirl tent is being used to promote Country Living Magazine's summer give-a-way to the 2010 Country Living Fair. My friend, Amanda Trueman who helped me at the tent last year (and creates for HomeGirl) just left me a message that she was thumbing through her July CL issue and that our tent was on page 12 of the mag. I was so excited!!! HomeGirl will again be at the fair this year at the Ohio Village, Septemeber 24, 25, 26. To learn more about the give-a-way and the fair, go to This is so computer unsavvy of me for this "link", but there is also a video about the CL fair on - countrylivingfairstella.flv (or just search you tube for country living fair, stella show) that also has some "HG" in it...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

car crush

OK - sooooo my dream ride came to my sale on Saturday AM and I loooooove this van so much - I had to get pics with it. It was so cute b/c the owner got out for our photo op and when she took the first one, she said, "I smell a Christmas card." Spoiler alert... I think so, and the tag line will say "Peace".

I see the van driving around town and crush on it so bad. It's owner is a fellow Aquarian and her birthday is days from mine and we were "insta" friends. We joked we knew each other in our former hippie lives... I have been looking for a van for years and dream of one day having my own and putting "homegrl" on the licence plate (it is available in OH) and having my HG logo running down the side. I also dream of being in the Hudson Memorial Day parade in our own HG van and throwing daisies into the crowd! ;) so sad, but true. A girl has got to dream! Maybe one more year of successful HG sale and I'm in for one!!!

more WOW

More pics from the sale... LOVED my create letters and cannot part with them and my outdoor living room with the HG pillow on bed (made by a friend), was one of my favorite vignettes. Edie laid on the bed and said. "This looks like a place for sweet dreams." I could not agree more! ;). The cream bench with the black and white seat is the finished product of an earlier post. Brian (my awesome husband) rocked it on the bench finishing. He was so good, he should consider quitting his day job... The peace signs were another favorite - ahhhh. I kept one for myself, too. This last shot is of Saturday morning after a delivery of furniture on Friday AM. Brian channelled his "inner homeBOY" and set the barn late, late on Friday night while I tried to catch some Z's. He did such a great job and amazed me b/c it looked like something I would do. HHMMMM am I rubbing off on him??? When I asked him, "Where he has been this whole time?", he told me, "I needed you to get OUT." Point well taken - I can be a serious pain and probably a little scary!!! More pics to come and again, thanks to everyone who came!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


"WOW!" That is just about all I can say is "WOW!!!!" I'm talking about the sale, of course and all of you who came to see us at HomeGirl this past week. That quote is one of my favorite from the children's book "Lily and the Purle Plastic Purse". We use it a lot at my house... I seriously can't thank you enough and I do also want to thank so much the HomeGirl support team and vendors that helped make this sale so successful!!!! I would not be able to do this without any of you so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I still feel like I'm on a high and cannot wait for the Country Living Fair in September in Columbus and I cannot especially wait for the sale next year!!!! I will be posting lots of pix this week - there are so many to share!!!! Let me know if there was something you are still thinking about - it may still be here????

Thursday, June 17, 2010

SALE location, location, location

HomeGirl sale is at Maplewood Farm: 2357 Hudson Aurora Rd, Hudson, OH 44236. Sale dates June 18-19, 10am-4pm. Phone 330-650-2135 with questions.

Cash or check only and carpool with friends, if you can - unless you want to fill your car with tons of furniture! ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kudos to my Blog Designer!

My blog designer, Eric Hancsak, owner of, was chosen as a finalist for Kevin Sharkey's blog header contest on Eric's design is one of six designs currently being voted on - the winner to be announced on Monday June 21, but votes must be made by the 18th at 6:00 pm. Let's help Eric win. Please cast your vote and tell as many frineds as you can to vote for Eric - DESIGN #2!!

To Vote:

Monday, June 14, 2010


I put this vintage "Happy Anniversary" banner in my kitchen to greet my husband this morning on our 13th wedding anniversary... I "borrowed" it from the barn where there are more incredible vintage decorations for sale!

SALE this week!

June 18 and 19 10am-4pm!

Maplewood Farm/HomeGirl
2357 Hudson Aurora Rd
Hudson, OH 44236
330-650-2135 - call Gina with questions!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


These salvaged letters rock! I have a ton to choose from for the sale. Spelling things with them to hang on a wall (like "share" or "be nice" for a playroom) or just to use for an initial, they are really unique and fun!
SALE REMINDER - June 18, 19 10am-4pm. Bring friends, carpool and come! Remember - cash or check!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend fun!

MORE MORE MORE painting and water play BUT we did save some time for FUN!!! We were even in the Memorial Day parade in Hudson yesterday for Hudson Community Foundation which does the fireworks for our community every year! Brian is on the board and it is a great group!

LOVE this chair! For sale... for those of you that know Michelle Adams (Rubie Green, Lony) - she has a similar one in her apartment and uses it for a prop. Hers is red with a zebra seat!

ALSO - I will be posting about the sale a lot in the next few weeks, but wanted to tell you for those that are coming that it will be CASH OR CHECK ONLY this time and please car pool with a friend if you can!!! Parking can get crazy!!!

SALE DATES - June 18, 19 10am-4pm

Can't Wait! Hope to SEE you there!!! ;)