Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Make it work people!"

Today Lila and I had the opportunity to meet Tim Gunn of Project Runway, right here in Hudson. He was speaking at Western Reserve Acadamy and we thought we could hear him, but it was for students only. After we were turned away we were walking to our car and Tim was coming down the street. His sister is a faculty member and she lives in Hudson so she arranged it. It was so great and he was super nice. Lila had shown him her designs of her Sears bag skirt and her bubble wrap dress in the spirit of the Project Runway challenges and he said she was "quite the designer." Lila also said to him, "Make it work" and he responded, "Make it work, Lila!" He told her, "See you next time on the show!" When we got in the car, Lila said, " I think that was better than having to listen to him talk the whole time!" ;) What fun!


  1. WAIT! What?! A bit jealous now.
    Melinda x

  2. Whoah! How cool is that?!

  3. So jealous!!! I heart Tim :) Actually stumbled across this while watching PR!
    P.S. love your blog background - most unusual one I've seen, and absolute fun.

  4. how cool !!! hey.........did you sign up for country living this year????

  5. wow!
    <3 tim gunn!