Monday, February 22, 2010


Photo taken from kelly and olive blog at Check out the article on this very cool blog in the Chicago Tribune about the online decorators.

I love their DIY tips like:
1. Repaint Furniture: sometimes all a piece of furniture needs is a light sanding and a few coats of paint to look brand new. Finish it off with a coat of light poly and you've got a glossy finish that will protect your piece for years.

2. Paint stripes: vertical, horizontal, whatever you like! Wider have a more contemporty feel and narrower are more formal. Use a level and pencil, and mark your measurements and apply tape at desired intervlas. ALL TIPS in article.

3. Line Bookcases: Use pretty wallpaper or even wrapping paper and double stick tape. You'll be adding color and interest (without breaking the bank) and drawing attention to your favorite accessories.

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  1. gina! how's your dining room?!!! we're dying to see it! thanks for the mention dearie!