Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you to all who made it a great sale! I'm so glad you came and we missed you that couldn't!!! :) The weather did not stop us and we actually had a very pretty, brisk, fall day on Saturday! Here is one of my favorite shots of the sale, one of my adorable, enthusiastic customers (Kristin) who looked so cute coming out of the barn, I had to get her pic. Also, check out the the new "Homegirl" sign that my husband (who is the best) put up for me on Friday! The "To Market" basket was a request of mine for just a liner to be made and my friend suprised me with the "To Market"! SO COOL! I'm so excited now because I can actually "flea" in style and I hope to have more made so YOU TOO can flea in style!!! Thanks again, everyone! See you at the next sale JUNE 2010!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of success! Congrats! Wish I lived closer to check out all your goods!

  2. My girls really enjoyed looking around the barn (ages 7 and 4)! So much color and creativity. Keep the sales coming, Gina!

    Sue Swain