Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I got you babe!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This cracks me up... Brian and I were Sonny and Cher for a costume party we attended and we got our vintage outfits from an awesome shop in Cleveland called "Flowerchild". Originally Brian was going to go as Cher and I, Sonny, but instead of him "chickening out" of wearing the dress, I "chickend out" of wearing the mustache! I was defitnately the prettier Cher and loved wearing the dress and false eyelashes! My girls were loving my new look and made me show them on the internet who Sonny and Cher were. Now Lila is singing, "I got you babe!"
The other pictures are of more of my fall decorations here at Maple Wood Farm. We made the witch and kitty (me and Edie, 6) and leaves in the window behind it (out my kitchen window) are so pretty! My large shoes were a gift from a friend and are one of the most unusual things I own! They are on my front door!
Have a fun Halloween and eat lots of candy!!!! :)

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