Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's black and white...

I love the combination of black and white - and I love it as the opportunity to incorporate the color of my choice! F. John Kluth, an artisit from Kent, Ohio, (F. John Kluth Gallery) is the artist who created the super cool black and white hanging canvases seen here at my barn and at the Country Living Fair as the backdrop for my tent (picture from John's work on canvas is also sold in various sizes that can be found at Homegirl.
Jean Sukys - my good friend, who has been with Homegirl since the inception, can bring back life to just about anything! She is the master of reinvention and painted and recovered this chair in the home of Laura Naples that is pictured on and (picture by Laura Naples). I love the way Jean uses black and white fabrics and she is so creative!!! If anyone recalls, she had one of my favorite Homegirl finds - a zebra chair that was just too cool!

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  1. Love the theme! Great highlights of our local talent, too. (PS: I spy the "baby-girl-mask-head.")