Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is your story?

Homegirl’s Bio - for those who don't know...

The quote, “Home is where your story begins.” could not be more true for me. I would even have to consider that my first “real home” was my white wicker bassinet whose interior was well collected and beautifully designed. My mother, believed that babies should be visually stimulated with bright, bold imagery instead of pale blue and pink, and lined the inside of my bassinet with an exciting, ever-changing assortment of original artwork created by my two sisters and brother. I just know that if my fine motor skills had been developed lying in that bassinet, I would have arranged and rearranged its interior until I had it just right.

I have since graduated to artfully arranging objects at my 185 five year old farmhouse and old barn on my picturesque acreage in Hudson, Ohio where I live with my husband Brian and 2 young daughters Lila and Edie. Professionally, I honed my skills at 2 international clothing and home retailers where I learned immensely both the operations and visual merchandising aspects of the business. I also was a co-partner of a vintage furnishings and home accessories store before founding Homegirl.

To this day, to say that I am visually stimulated by my surroundings would be an understatement. I look at the home like a neighborhood with a mix of different races, ages, personalities and perspectives that all live together in harmony. If someone visits your house, no matter their background, they are bound to find something they can relate to and hopefully share a story about. My approach to collecting is not about what is “trendy” or what others are doing, but what interests me. I hope to facilitate the process in you finding your “special something” that helps your home tell your story.

She is real. She is true. This Homegirl is you!

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