Friday, June 19, 2009

stepping back to RUN forward

So my blog "officially" started a week ago" - ironically the weekend of my 12th wedding anniversary. Some couples enjoy a nice dinner. Ours was spent romantically loading and unloading furniture. At least I was able to gaze into his beautiful brown eyes through the rungs of the brightly colored yellow chair we were carrying into the barn together. For me there was no other better way to spend the day and it reminds me that above being the best husband and the best father - he truly is my best friend!

I'm stepping back to RUN forward because I have so many posts and pictures that will be back tracking my progress of pulling the barn together, so you will be seeing the progress in reverse. Yesterday our sales were so good that I had to SHOP to fill a barn that has been slowly empting and notice... I'm wearing my running shoes!!!

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  1. Hi Gina,

    I just discovered your blog today, because I saw you on the Nate Berkus Show. I enjoyed your "room" on Nate Berkus' show this morning. In addition to your re-used/redesigned items, I really liked the way you balanced the variety of scale of your items and your sophisticated use of color.

    I'm posting a comment for two reasons.

    First, I like to go back to the very first blog post, because I like to find out how people started out. I noticed that your first post took place on my 22nd wedding anniversary. I think that's neat, because I like your blog and posts and shop.

    Second, I discovered the artist, Bekah Ash, because I saw her link on your blog. But, I see her work as far back as the banner on your barn in the picture of you with your daughters at the time of your first barn sale (I think). She has very nice work. I also noticed her artwork in a photo of your fabric wreath in a recent blog post. But you seem to have a connection with her. How did you happen to find her art?