Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Blog is running!!!

My favorite letters! E is for Edie and L is for Lila, my two beautiful girls! I loved the finds at this barn sale and I love taking funny pictures with my stuff (you will notice a trend here). The treasures were everywhere and luckly, my really good friend, Judith (owner, Bloomsbury Loft) was there to share the excitement and also get the "N" for her daughter Natalia. Let's play Vanna White and you guess what the 4 letter word it is that we bought...

Also - I want to thank Judith and Natalia for helping so much as I set up my blog and the barn! You guys are so incredible and talented and I'm lucky to have you!


  1. Yay Gina! Blog looks great.

    The sale was wonderful last night. Sooo many fun things!

  2. Nice background and welcome to blog world!

  3. This was fun for us, nothing like playing with with things we love!