Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hot off the press

The Akron Beacon Journal did an amazing story on us and I was so honored. Check it out.

Barn shop rounds up funky findsHudson woman sells eclectic mix of vintage and modern items in backyard The first time Gina Bishop opened her barn to sell her quirky mix of furniture and accessories, the crowd was bigger than she expected. ( By Mary Beth Breckenridge 06/19/2009 12:00 PM EDT )


Future "homees" creating my barn SALE sign. I have the most enthusiastic helpers - my daughters are in the middle, Lila, 7, brown hair, and Edie, 5, blonde hair. My neighbor, Hallie and her friend Kate also joined in. Little Edie is my paint enthusiast and even has a favorite paint roller and tray she uses frequently!


What an incredible turnout we had for our first sale this year!!! I had so much fun seeing all of you and I really want to THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who came to support us - despite the crazy weather!!! These pictures of the sale - when we actually had merchandise...

Friday, June 19, 2009

stepping back to RUN forward

So my blog "officially" started a week ago" - ironically the weekend of my 12th wedding anniversary. Some couples enjoy a nice dinner. Ours was spent romantically loading and unloading furniture. At least I was able to gaze into his beautiful brown eyes through the rungs of the brightly colored yellow chair we were carrying into the barn together. For me there was no other better way to spend the day and it reminds me that above being the best husband and the best father - he truly is my best friend!

I'm stepping back to RUN forward because I have so many posts and pictures that will be back tracking my progress of pulling the barn together, so you will be seeing the progress in reverse. Yesterday our sales were so good that I had to SHOP to fill a barn that has been slowly empting and notice... I'm wearing my running shoes!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Blog is running!!!

My favorite letters! E is for Edie and L is for Lila, my two beautiful girls! I loved the finds at this barn sale and I love taking funny pictures with my stuff (you will notice a trend here). The treasures were everywhere and luckly, my really good friend, Judith (owner, Bloomsbury Loft) was there to share the excitement and also get the "N" for her daughter Natalia. Let's play Vanna White and you guess what the 4 letter word it is that we bought...

Also - I want to thank Judith and Natalia for helping so much as I set up my blog and the barn! You guys are so incredible and talented and I'm lucky to have you!