Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays! I wanted to share some of our photos from Christmas! I'm so thankful and blessed for what I have and I want to thank all of you who have supported me and my business. I look so forward to 2010 and all of the fun things to come! I will be taking a blogging break and will come back after January!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


More pillows for sale... if you are interested, please email me at or call 330-650-2135. $38 each + shipping

Monday, December 14, 2009

one of a kind mittens

Mittens for sale!!! Handmade in Connecticut, these one of a kind mis-matched mittens are made from old sweaters! They are $29 a pair and make a great holiday present. Even if they are for you! Email me at or call me at 330-650-2135. So warm and cozy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

pillows for sale...

OOOHHH I love these throw pillows. Made for Homegirl - $42 ruffle with ribbon, $48 with the rosettes. 15x11" Can be custom made in the color scheme of your choice, too. If you would like to order, please email me at or call 330-650-2135.

good life for less

What a fun blog! OUTFIT suggestions galore! Check out to get GREAT clothing ideas. LOVE how she gives tips and everything is affordable!

Lifestyles with Rebecca

The show has taken a holiday break and will start airing again the first week of January. I should be on then. Lisiting times for the show could be different in all states, but in general and in Ohio it airs Sunday at 3pm. I will continue to keep you updated!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love chalkboards and chalkboard paint! I think this looks so cool. I have often thought of painting my backsplash in my kitchen with it. I think I'm keeping this image for future kitchen ideas... the redecorating possibilities are endless!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lifestyles with Rebecca

I'm so excited because Homegirl will be appearing on a new show on PBS called "Lifestyles with Rebecca" in the coming weeks. I have not been given the "offical" air time, but it could be this weekend or within a week or 2. I will keep you posted with specifics, but if you want to catch the show (or record it), it is on PBS on Sundays at 3:00 pm. I met Rebecca and Michelle at the Country Living Fair and they are from Chagrin, Ohio where they have a couture handbag company called "Rebecca Ray". Their show is based on people who have left the corporate worlds and are reinventing themselves and banking on the things they love. Rebecca has a similar story and the show features some great stories. If you would like to learn more about the show check out Also, Rebecca and Michelle are in the December issue of Country Living!

Friday, November 20, 2009

ideas to "steal"...

Surfing the web and landing at "apartment therapy" I came across this easy DIY for artwork you can do custom to your interior. You don't have to be an artisit to create these graphic designs, just small canveses - (get on sale at JoAnn), tape and some acrylic paints IN YOUR color pallete. I like the strip of paint above the mantle too - adding extra interest! Mantle focal points can be tricky and expensive and this one looks easy and inexpensive!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


OOOOHHHHH :) This on-line decorating service looks super cool! For $250 you get a mood board for inspiration on decorating or redecoating a room in your house. These ladies will help you revamp old furniture, pick colors and send you a floorplan for furniture arangement - all via the web. To see more go to

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anthropologie Style

This was a feature on that I really enjoyed reading. Check it out for more...

Anthropologie Style
By Erin E. White

Photo: Sundance Channel

Bring style and personality to your home with four design tips from Anthropologie's buyer-at-large Keith Johnson.

1. Envision Your Dream Life: Johnson says the best way to begin a redecorating project is with a little exercise that requires you to put down home décor magazines and shut your eyes. He says you should conjure up a fantasy person—a person who is really an extension of you. "Maybe she's a woman living in the south of France and she is married to an explorer. Come up with a total fantasy and then you start to think, 'What would she have in her house?'" Johnson says. "Then it becomes easier and you say: 'Well, she is never going to have a chrome shelf from Home Depot—that is not going to work. But she would have this or that.' It is a really fun exercise.
2. "Don't Be Afraid of Color": Painting and decorating in neutral colors can look sophisticated, but Johnson says the trend is becoming boring. "I'm so tired of everything being white and off-white. I think we all got a little bit too exposed to good taste. We need to be comfortable jazzing it up with color and pattern. Just go for it. Great colors are so pleasing and so uplifting," he says. Johnson says he came across homes on a recent trip to La Boca, Argentina, that were painted in bright, bold and random colors. The people living there were using paint left over from fishermen and boatmakers who painted their vessels in town. "They are just the most random, crazy colors—I mean it's leftover paint!" Johnson says. "There was purple, bright blue, bright green and yellow—all in one house—and it looked so wonderful. It just looked fantastic. Who would have believed it? It shows that so many unexpected things do go together, and I think we are so cautious about what works and rules and I think we box ourselves in too much."
3. Decorate with Letters: Some of the top-selling items at Anthropologie stores are decorative letters, Johnson says. "A dozen years ago, I bought an old, fake, letter pharmacy sign in the south of France and we reproduced the letters and we still have them [in the stores]," Johnson says. Whether you use large letters to spell out a name or phrase or use a single letter to add interest to a mantle or wall, Johnson says decorative letters add a personal touch that resonates with many.
4. Investigate People with Great Taste: If you're in love with your neighbor's décor or a co-worker's flair for turning on office into a well-decorated oasis, pick her brain, Johnson says. "Identify people in your life with great taste and ask them where they got something and what they love and what they appreciate," Johnson says. Once you begin to identify the roots of great taste, Johnson says you'll begin to acquire your own sense of style.

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

The girls have set up shop in our playroom and me and Brian are their best customers. They are selling anything they can - including Halloween candy and would even like tips! They asked me to leave my contact information as I was checking out, too. Notice the cat mannequins they made, "just like mommy".

Monday, November 16, 2009

little apartment, big style

These photos are of Michelle Adams (Lony Magazine, Ruby Green, MA Belle blogspot) New York City apartment. The apartment is little, but the style is big! I have often dreamed of living in a tiny apartment in NYC, so this peek at hers is fun for me. I don't know how long I would last! The bedroom, is so cool and I think the black and yellow is a great combo. The red chair with the zebra fabric seat is just like a chair I bought this fall and have big plans for to put in my bedroom. I will do before and after pics of my chair for you to see! I also love the tower of books which would never survive in my household!

Monday, November 9, 2009

bedroom redo, too???

My bedroom needs a little "redo", too... not sure what direction I'd like to go, but I've always admired this lamp from Anthropolgie and I love the color choices of the bedroom shown. Still NO progress made on the dining room. All of this takes time and I would like it done yesterday! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Looking for inspiration...

These pictures are of Katie Brown's house as shown in Country Home last year. I love her dining room and am going to use it as inspiration for sprucing up my dining room. I dig the upholstered chair fabric and the pop of accent colors throughout these rooms. I'll keep you posted on my "findings" for my dining room and if anyone knows what these fabrics are - let me in!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I got you babe!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This cracks me up... Brian and I were Sonny and Cher for a costume party we attended and we got our vintage outfits from an awesome shop in Cleveland called "Flowerchild". Originally Brian was going to go as Cher and I, Sonny, but instead of him "chickening out" of wearing the dress, I "chickend out" of wearing the mustache! I was defitnately the prettier Cher and loved wearing the dress and false eyelashes! My girls were loving my new look and made me show them on the internet who Sonny and Cher were. Now Lila is singing, "I got you babe!"
The other pictures are of more of my fall decorations here at Maple Wood Farm. We made the witch and kitty (me and Edie, 6) and leaves in the window behind it (out my kitchen window) are so pretty! My large shoes were a gift from a friend and are one of the most unusual things I own! They are on my front door!
Have a fun Halloween and eat lots of candy!!!! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


These are photographs I got from the internet from the Country Living Fair. I think they are so cool and I wanted to share. I LOVE the O"hi"O pillows shown here by Olive Grace quilt shop in Cortland, OH. My friend bought one to use as the inspiration piece to decorate the bedroom of her exchange student from Brazil. What a great idea! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hudson Heritage Holiday House

Hudson Heritage Association (HHA) is an organization that supports historic preservation in Hudson, Ohio. It is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and I feel so fortunate to live in a historical home that was so loved and has kept its integrity over the past 180 years. Just like my business, I think it is important to take cues from the past to look to the future. My home was the Holiday House last year and this year it is a beautiful home you should see! I have helped organized the event this year and if you live in Hudson (or near), please join us.
Thursday, November 5th (HHA Members Only Preview Party, 6:30pm) - join HHA so you can come to the party! It is so much fun!
Friday November 6th, 2009 and Saturday November 7th (General Tour 10am-3pm), 2009
Featured home is the Judge Van Rensselaer Humphrey House, which will be decorated for the holidays by the region’s finest florists, greenhouses, and designers. Featured merchants will decorate the rooms and grounds of the house for the holidays. In addition, seatings for a traditional tea service will be offered in historic homes of Hudson on tour days. The teas will offer an old-fashioned reprieve from “duties of the day” and a unique opportunity to learn more about the essence of tea from Hudson resident and tea aficionado, Angela Strach-Gotthardt.
To learn more about Hudson Heritage, visit

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall decor

I just decorated for fall in my house - more pics to come and added to my mantle this cardboard cutout tree (Anthropologie) and a sheep wood John Kluth sculpture from my sale (homegirl tag still on neck - and I kinda like it ;)). The Bekah Ash (homegirl logo artist) "reflections" piece is a permanent fixture on my mantle that I love. It is a mixed media collage and the shading of the girl's face comes from the plywood it is painted on. She does such cool things! Look at my crochet pumpkin pillows - so fun and a much needed pick me up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more black and white

These simple, original artwork pieces done by John Kluth of sunflowers and zinnias are easy to incorporate into your decor AND they are affordable! The small (9x12) is $20, the medium (12x16) is $30 and the largest (18x24) is $59. They are available at Homegirl and I can send them to you! Email me if you are interested!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you to all who made it a great sale! I'm so glad you came and we missed you that couldn't!!! :) The weather did not stop us and we actually had a very pretty, brisk, fall day on Saturday! Here is one of my favorite shots of the sale, one of my adorable, enthusiastic customers (Kristin) who looked so cute coming out of the barn, I had to get her pic. Also, check out the the new "Homegirl" sign that my husband (who is the best) put up for me on Friday! The "To Market" basket was a request of mine for just a liner to be made and my friend suprised me with the "To Market"! SO COOL! I'm so excited now because I can actually "flea" in style and I hope to have more made so YOU TOO can flea in style!!! Thanks again, everyone! See you at the next sale JUNE 2010!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

more fall sale...

See something you like or want to own email me to see if it is still here and for pricing! These images were taken by my friend, Laura Naples whose co-blog ROCKS! Check out under "the scoop". You will find her and Emily (owner of Orange Beautiful) will give you great design tips and ideas on cool product that is out there! You will also see the very neat items that Orange Beautiful offers. Thanks, Laura for taking these shots. I was too busy to find my camera!!! :)